Club Leadership

Leadership Qualities/Managment Skills/Giving & Receiving Feedback/Team Building/Effectivity

Club Officers and Board Members

Greg Sullivan, President

Randy Will, Immediate Past President

Dawn Blake, Secretary

Marsha McClanahan, President Elect

Stacey Long, Treasurer

Kelly Cox

Ralph Ernst

Michele Fields

Brandon Meyers


Committee Chairs

Service Leadership:  Ralph Ernst

Community Service:  Niki Kiruki

Young Children-Priority One:  Gayla Jones

Fundraising:  Trivia:  Amy Carr and Pat Dierking

Baseball Camp:  Anita Palmer and Les Harris

Membership:  Dawn Blake and Kelly Cox

Public Relations:  Pat Dierking, Michele Fields

Human & Spiritual Values:  Mark Mildren

Club Administration:  Kim Hopkins-Will

Nominating and Auditing:  Tim Blake, Ralph Ernst

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Kiwanis Club of Downtown Springfield

PO Box 9791

Springfield, MO  65801